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Sass & Belle

Motivational Gift Box - You Got This and Good Vibes

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Motivational Quote

DIMENSIONS: 6.1 INCHES (15.6 cm) LENGTH X 6.1 INCHES (15.6 cm) WIDTH X .80 INCHES (2 cm) HEIGHT

Embrace the feel-good vibes with this set of two stand-out suitcases, perfect for adding a touch of fabulousness to any room in your home. The hexagon shapes are filled with an explosion of pastel shades, circles, stripes and sprinkles. Fill them with inspirational items or creative crafts, from little to large. Stack them high or stand them tall to showcase the motivational quotes.

*Please note the item is as pictured. The quotes and size of boxes cannot be changed!

Nail polish and other pictured accessories are not included in purchase; only the boxes that are pictured are for sale.